In July, my Mom and Dad made a trip to California to see us, the first time since we had moved to Santa Cruz. It worked out well – they had done an Alaskan cruise with my sisters in the weeks prior, visited Vancouver, and hit up Seattle before flying south to us. They got to be with us for almost a week and a half.

My Mom was so excited to see Luna, her most favorite dog in the world. For someone that was bitten by a neighborhood dog as a child and had to endure rabies shots, to see Mom play with and show such affection for Luna is truly remarkable.

Though we had to mostly work during daylight hours, they got to see the highlights. Our company’s offices in Scotts Valley, West Cliff and Steamer Lane, Downtown Santa Cruz, DeLaveaga Park, the Buttery, and even a Sunday champagne brunch on a boat charter cruise along the coast.

We also took a drive up along Highway 1 to Pescadero, where we picnicked with artichoke & green chile soup and sourbread bread from Duarte’s Tavern by the shore.

To top the trip off, it so happened that my friend Greg’s parents were visiting California too. So we got the two families together in downtown Santa Cruz for dinner one evening. Our parents hadn’t seen each other since our NC State graduation! John and Nancy have been so incredibly kind and supportive of me ever since becoming friends with Greg as freshmen in undergrad.

Another bit of excitement my parents got to experience while out here was me and Chrissy putting a bid on a house….and suddenly closing on the offer way faster than we expected. But more on that later….