Sachi had a Caribbean cruise planned in mid-October, but Hurricane Matthew had other ideas. With her ship scrubbed, she instead hopped on a plane and came to visit us in California! Sadly, she brought the rain with her. October is supposed to be beautiful in Santa Cruz, but it was cloudy and rainy the whole time she was here (we profusely apologized).

On Sunday, we headed up to San Francisco for the Treasure Island Music Festival. It was threatening a rainstorm, so we were decked out in full rain gear. Grabbed lunch with Gurpreet, then took the shuttle over to the island.


This year’s lineup was legit — Sylvan Esso, Tycho, Purity Ring, and the headliner Sigur Rós. Only regret was that Glass Animals (my favorite new band of the last two years) was playing the night before, and I don’t have the time or energy to commit to multiple days of a music festival anymore.

But of course, anytime that Sigur Rós is in town, I’ll go see them. This was my fifth concert of theirs. The rains picked up strong after Tycho’s set. James Blake got cancelled, leaving Sachi and I standing in the mud for nearly two hours before they took the stage (she was a super good sport about it all). We were dead center, three rows back. The stage design was a bit reduced due to the elements, but it was still extraordinary.


Setlist was good — a little too heavy on the ( ) album, but otherwise a great mix from their whole catalogue. Only regret was a missed opportunity to play Hoppípolla (translates to “hopping into puddles”) on a rainy day when everyone was standing in puddles!